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A good tow for Aegerter, Mulhauser does not understand


The gaps are very small - Top-20 riders are all in 1.3 seconds on this very long circuit of Silverstone (5,900 metres). With some general concerns about the bumps on the track, the first day of free practice for the British Moto2 Grand Prix saw sunshine and a lot of work for the Swiss riders. Thomas Lüthi (Derendinger Racing Interwetten) as well as Dominique Aegerter (Technomag Racing Interwetten) tried different things to eventually arrive to lap times that are not far off the best (4 and 6 tenths off respectively), however, they are not enough for either one of them. The day was difficult for Robin Mulhauser (Technomag Racing Interwetten), who struggles to find the form he had in Indianapolis one month ago. The boss of CGBM Evolution, the company that owns the two teams Frédéric Corminboeuf comments: "Tom was aiming in the right direction. He started the day off with the same swing arm that he had in Brno, before he tried a different item in the afternoon. The modification proved to be positive. Dominique struggled to find a good pace, although his lap time is not far off his teammate as he managed to follow Sam Lowes, the quickest rider of the day. As for Robin, he seems to have lost everything in two weeks; he needs to forget his bad weekend in Brno (3 crashes) and needs to build on the base from Indianapolis, where he did really well."

They said...

Dominique Aegerter (Technomag Racing Interwetten, 13th): "I am finding it really difficult to find consistency when I'm riding alone. We have to find a better solution to deal with the amount of bumps on the braking markers so that I can improve my corner entries. I managed to do three really good laps behind Lowes, the man who was the fastest today, but we still have a lot of work to do. The gap is not huge on such a long circuit but I am not satisfied with my position."

Robin Mulhauser (Technomag Racing Interwetten, 31st): "It is a really strange feeling, I have never felt this way: I simply cannot get there. This morning we lost a bit of time with a blocked shock absorber and this afternoon it was my head that was blocked! Of course I do not want to push over my limit but I simply cannot find a solution. I know that the last position is not where I should be and that I have to do a lot better. We will continue to work."