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Aegerter (9th): impressive courage, a set-back for Mulhauser


It was almost too good: a perfect weekend until that moment, a perfect start that allowed Thomas Lüthi (Garage Plus Interwetten) and Dominique Aegerter (carXpert Interwetten) to lead the Dutch Moto2 race for two laps. But the Swiss show did not last very long: struggling with the bike that was increasingly more difficult to ride, Tom Lüthi was also pushed out for the first time by a rival (Sam Lowes) and his aggressive move before he crashed out while he was pushing to return to the podium positions and the first drops of rain started to fall on the legendary circuit in the north of the Netherlands. Although unhurt, Tom knows that this incident cost him a lot. Dominique Aegerter finished ninth in the end and showed a lot of courage, knowing his family circumstances with his father still being in intensive care in the hospital de l'Isle in Bern. He also had to lower his ambition due to a serious problem with the front of his bike. Finally, Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten), the third rider of the Swiss team, was classified 22nd. Overall the feeling is mixed, explains the boss Frédéric Corminboeuf: "The result that counts is very difficult for Tom; he has the pace, he showed everyone throughout the practice sessions, but now we have to find a solution to also finish the weekend on top. Dominique gave an exceptional performance this weekend, knowing about the health problems of his dad. Congratulations to him. What should I say about Robin? He was a second quicker than in qualifying, if he did this lap time on Saturday, he would have been better placed on the grid and could have maybe held onto the group in front of him in the race."

They said...

Dominique Aegerter (carXpert Interwetten, 9th): "The first two laps with Tom were great but I realised very quickly that no miracle was going to happen. I have a feeling that we had too much pressure on the rear wheel, which had adverse effect on the tyre; consequently, I started to experience big grip problems very quickly, I was losing on each acceleration and I was struggling a lot with corner entries. Now I just cannot wait to be back on my way home to see my dad."

Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten, 22nd): "It is frustrating, I was quite on it at the beginning of the race. But since I improved my lap time compared to practice, my bike wasn't set up for this pace and from the third lap I didn't have rear grip anymore."