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Tom Lüthi makes it to the fourth place in difficult GP of Great Britain


After starting from the third line in the GP in Silverstone, Great Britain, Tom Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten)  quickly made his way up to the top. He knew achieving his goal was going to be hard but had no problem staying with the group that was fighting for a position on the podium. He gave his everything on the bumpy racetrack. However, he realized in the last two laps that there wasn’t going to be a better position than fourth. He might now be three points behind the current world champion, Italian Franco Morbidelli, but that’s not going to be a problem after his solid performance today.  Today didn’t bear the same amount of luck for Jesko Raffin (Garage Plus Interwetten) from Zurich. He came in 27th despite improving his best time during the race. Spaniard Iker Lecuona (Garage Plus Interwetten) has suffered a crash. He didn’t suffer any physical consequences, yet he wasn’t able to score a good rank.

Frédéric Corminboeuf, head of both Swiss teams, shared his thoughts about the race day: «Everything is still possible. Since we’re only three points behind Morbidelli, we’re extremely motivated. Tom is getting stronger and more solid. He gave his everything today. Iker ended up 15th today because he entered a curve a little fast. That’s the spirit of the youth! He needs to learn how to better channel his energy. I’m reminded of last year’s race in Misano where he commited an error and ended up 13th. Talking about Jesko is going to be harsh. His performance is unacceptable, professionally speaking. He might have scored better times in the last races but he’s still not on the right path.”

This Sunday, August 27, 2017 marked an important day in the history of CGBM Evolution, the company that coordinates carXpert Interwetten et Garage Plus Interwetten during the world championship of Moto2. “We have the great pleasure to announce that British Sam Lowes (27 on September 14th, three victories during his Moto2 career), will join the team next year. He’s an excellent fighter and is in accordance with our philosophy. We will continue our fight to win with the great pleasure of our partners. We’ve signed a one year contract with an option of two years. We’ll be announcing our decision about the chassis for 2018 in autumn”, says Frédéric Corminboeuf.

He said…
Thomas Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten, 4th):
«Today was hard and exhausting. The fourth place is very important for the championship also considering that it has been a hard week-end. I could drive faster but I wasn’t able to attack like I wanted to. I tried a counter-attack when Pasini passed me but immediately slided. Instead of trying to work a lot with the breaks, I tried to ride as clean as possible. Even though I had a good start and managed to break out of the third row from my ninth place, I rapidly lost contact with the leaders. I’ve given all my energy today and I’m convinced that we’re really close to getting the title.”

Silverstone (Great Britain). GP of Great Britain Moto2: 1st. Nakagami (JPN, Kalex), 18 laps, 38’20.883 (166.100 km/h); 2nd. Pasini (ITA, Kalex), 0.724; 3rd. Morbidelli (ITA, Kalex), 2.678; 4th. Lüthi (SWI, Kalex, carXpert Interwetten), 4.645; 5th. Bagnaia (ITA, Kalex), 9.515; 6th. Corsi (ITA, Speed Up), 9.995; 7th. Manzi (ITA, Kalex), 10.402; 8th. Oliveira (POR, KTM), 10.463; 9th. B. Binder (RSA, KTM), 10.762; 10th. Aegerter (SWI, Suter), 11.454; 11th. Marini (ITA, Kalex), 12.787; 12th. Vierge (SPA, Tech 3), 13.022; 13th. Navarro (SPA, Kalex), 19.990; 14th. A. Marquez (SPA, Kalex), 21.751; 15th. A. Pons (SPA, Kalex), 22.174. 27th. Raffin (SWI, Kalex, Garage Plus Interwetten), 46.849. Abandon de Lecuona (SPA, Kalex, Garage Plus Interwetten, crash). 30 classified.

World championship (12/18): 1st. Morbidelli, 223 points; 2nd. Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten), 194; 3rd. A. Marquez, 155; 4th. Oliveira, 141; 5th. Bagnaia, 111; 6th. Pasini, 104; 7th. Nakagami, 104; 8th. Corsi, 78; 9th. Aegerter, 63; 10th. Marini, 59, 28th. Raffin (Garage Plus Interwetten), 5. 32 classified.